Anna Kone


Anna Kone is the Staff Scientist in Cancer Screening - Evaluation and Reporting at Cancer Care Ontario (CCO).

Her role includes providing methodological support and collaborating in research on current and emerging subjects related to cancer screening. After completing her postdoctoral fellowship in the Health System Performance Research Network (HSPRN) at the University of Toronto, Anna first joined CCO as a Senior Research Associate in the OCRC, where she was leading studies on the surveillance of exposure in workplaces and occupational cancers. She has conducted research on performance measurement, determinants of health outcomes and public health surveillance using administrative databases. She holds an Engineer degree in Statistics, a Master's degree in Public Health, and a PhD in Epidemiology and Evaluation of health interventions. Anna is now involved in the network as an investigator and she currently studies the epidemiology and clustering of multimorbidity in Ontario

Current Projects:

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