D. Josephine McMurray

Josephine is an assistant professor in the School of Business & Economics/Health Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University. Her doctoral thesis, an HSPRN project (Dr. Ian McKillop - Supervisor), examined the classification of inter-organizational electronic information exchange and interoperability as a measure of system integration. The eHIE (electronic Health Information Exchange) indicator developed suggest that there is a relationship between electronic health information exchange and health system integration.

Her research interests include healthcare system integration, system performance measurement using innovative technologies, and health system innovation. She has investigated information exchange in care transitions related to the frail elderly and in mental health care, and models of primary care for at risk populations. Current research includes working with an industry partner to examine the collection of patient experience data in the emergency department using novel technologies, and development of a system-level measure for patient experience in rehabilitative care.

Past Projects: