Elizabeth Lin


Elizabeth Lin is an Assistant Professor with the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto.   Dr. Lin is also a Research Scientist with the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health, in the Health in the Social and Epidemiological Research Department`s Systems Research and Consulting Unit. She has expertise is in using information from large-scale population surveys or administrative databases to describe how people use mental health care and to examine where service delivery might be improved. 

Dr. Lin has worked on the Ontario Health Survey`s Mental Health Supplement, an epidemiological survey of nearly 10,000 Ontario household residents which assessed their mental health status and associated disability and health care use. Dr. Lin has since served as a consultant for Statistics Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada for several household survey and chronic disease surveillance projects.  Dr. Lin has used administrative data to contribute to the body of analysis about how mental health care is used and delivered in Ontario. This work has led to several reports including the mental health Practice Atlases produced by the Institute of Clinical Evaluative Sciences.

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