Network Seminar - September 29-30, 2008

Workshop Objectives: The core objective is 
to analyze and compare the allocation of governance responsibilities for various performance management functions in The Netherlands, England and Ontario. The workshop will focus on comparing governance responsibilities on three levels of decision-making: the primary process of patient care (micro level), the organizational context (meso level), and the financing and policy context (macro level). Workshop participants will also be given an overview of how patient care, research and education are organized and integrated at the newly established Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute at St. Michael's Hospital. 

Network Seminar - September 29-30, 2008

Dutch, Canadian & English Panels 

Opening Remarks
Steini Brown, Assistant Deputy Minister, Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care 

Overview of Ontario Health System & Reforms, Jeff Lozon, President & CEO, St. Michael's Hospital (presentation available) 

Impact of reforms from provider perspectives, Terry Sullivan, President & CEO, Cancer Care Ontario 

The Netherlands
Overview of Dutch health system & reforms, Paul Thewissen, Counselor for Health, Welfare & Sport, Royal Netherlands Embassy, Washington, DC (presentation available) 

Planning, control & commissioning in the Dutch system - role of insurers, Niek Klazinga, Amsterdam Medical Center, OECD Healthcare Quality Indicators Project (presentation available) 

English NHS reorganization & reforms, Richard Hamblin, Head of Information Policy, NHS Healthcare Commission (presentation available) 

Impact of NHS reforms & organisational innovations on primary care Stephen Harrison, Professor of Social Policy, University of Manchester National Primary Care R&D Centre (presentation available) 

September 30, 2008 

Incentives for integration in the Dutch regulated market, Niek Klazinga (presentation available) 

Impact of reforms on NHS integration, Richard Hamblin (presentation available) 

Strategies for system integration in Ontario, Thomas Custers, Senior Manager Integration, Waterloo Wellington LHIN 

Performance & Governance Processes
Dutch Health System Performance Report / OECD HCQI project, Niek Klazinga (presentation available) 

NHS health system performance: lessons from Star Ratings & the Quality Outcomes Framework, Richard Hamblin & Stephen Harrison 

Ontario health system scorecard / performance approaches, Steini Brown 

St. Michael's Hospital (SMH)
KT at an Ontario academic health science center, Andreas Laupacis, Executive Director, Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute of SMH (presentation available) 

Inter-professional care and education in Ontario, Bob Howard, Executive VP of Programs and Education & CMO, SMH (presentation available) 

Canadian College of Health Service Executives (CCHSE) & the Canadian Health Leadership Network (CHLNet) John King, Executive VP (presentation available) and CAO, SMH and Don Philippon, Professor of Strategic Management and Organization, University of Alberta (presentation available) 

Quality Using performance data to improve quality & efficiency of NHS services, Richard Hamblin (presentation available) 

Incentives for quality in the Dutch regulated market, Niek Klazinga 

Moderator: Ali Tawfik-Shukor can be reached at 

This workshop was made possible through the support of CIHR IHSPR Workshop & Research Community Development Grant and HSPRN (Health System Performance Research Network)