Network Seminar - February 17, 2010

David Smith is the Project Manager of the CMH CAP and has led the team in supporting the provincial Steering Committee since its beginning in September 2006. He has a varied career in the provision and management of mental health services. After beginning his career as a frontline community mental health worker, David worked for several organizations in housing and case management. David has also worked in the United Kingdom as a project manager for a deprivation project funded by the European Union. Before returning to Canada, he was the Associate Director of Operations for OBMH - leading the implementation of the National Mental Health Service Framework, including the introduction of Crisis Teams, Early Intervention in Psychosis services, Assertive Community Treatment Teams and Complex Needs Services. He was also responsible for the introduction of new electronic care planning and assessment technologies. 

Andrea Tait is the Lead for Strategic Products and Relationships for the Community Care Information Management program. She brings to her current role over a decade of eHealth experience working on a wide array of projects in British Columbia, Alberta and Nova Scotia. Andrea's commitment to community care includes her involvement with the CCAC's CHRIS Case Management project and community-based chronic disease projects in Alberta and Halifax. During her career, she also worked in improved trauma projects, primary care reform initiatives and patient flow improvement projects. She is a graduate of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's Improvement Advisor Program.

Network Seminar - February 17, 2010


The community mental health is a complex sector; it consists of more than 300 agencies with varying cultures, business processes and service types that are currently using different assessment practices with little or no provincial standards to guide them. This presentation will explore how the implementation of an automated common assessment tool facilitates the vision of a client-driven, integrated and coordinated community mental health system by streamlining assessment process and standardizing current practices. 

Highlights of the presentation will focus on how electronic gathering and sharing of standardized assessment data using a common approach can lead to improved quality of service, regardless of where clients seek service across the province. A technological solution to enable care providers within the circle of care to access common assessment data, with the goals of facilitating collaborative client/patient care and supporting the sharing of assessment information, will also be presented.

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