Applied Health Research Questions

Health system policy makers or health system providers can make use of an applied research program funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. They can submit Applied Health Research Questions (AHRQ) to Ministry-funded research organizations or bodies such as the Health System Performance Research Network, and ask them to gather evidence to answer their question. Researchers at the HSPRN have responded to a variety of applied health research questions over the years.

Evidence Briefs (AHRQs)




Family Work in Four Early Psychosis Intervention Programs: An Exploratory Study
August 2016
Nhi Vu
Avra Selick
Tiziana Volpe

Work in Progress (AHRQs)


Future Application

Lead Investigator

High resource consumers of paediatric health services: children with autism, children with autism spectrum disorders, children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders in Ontario.

To understand services and best practices for: data collection and transitions of care