Whats New

Multimorbidity is the norm rather than the exception among older adults with dementia in the home care sector: New research by Luke Mondor and colleagues. Find the full paper here.

HSPRN researchers Dr. Walter Wodchis and Dr. Natasha Lane find that disability in LTC residents is explained by geriatric syndromes, not home characteristics. See the full paper here.

Check out our new Summer 2016 report titled Assessing Value in Ontario Health Links. Part 5: Health System Performance Trends in Health Links Populations 2012-2014

This is the online home of the Health System Performance Research Network (HSPRN).

The HSPRN is a multi-university and multi-institutional network of Ontario researchers.  We work closely with policy and provider decision makers, to find ways to improve management of the health system.  Our network includes investigators, trainees and project staff.

HSPRN researchers develop high quality evidence that is relevant to health system policy development and decision making for performance excellence.  Our research focuses on specific target populations and related health system policy themes.