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HSPRN has released a consolidated document of four practice guides for Ontario Health Teams. The guides are relevant for any group of providers and organizations aiming to implement a connected health care system centred around patients, families and caregivers. Each of the four guides focuses on a different aspect to better integrate care. The guides focus on: 1) key activities that are necessary at the organizational and inter-organization levels to implement patient and family/caregiver-centred care; 2) what it means to individuals for care to be centred around patients, families and caregivers; 3) the activities of providers and managers that are necessary to achieve patient and family/caregiver-centred care; and 4) the internal and external changes that have to occur to create sustainable governance for connected care. These essential ingredients, blended with courageous action, will accelerate your success. For more information and to access individual reports, click here

Direct access to the full English practice guides is available here and the full French practice guides are available here




The HSPRN is a multi-university and multi-institutional network of Ontario researchers.  We work closely with policy and provider decision makers, to find ways to improve management of the health system.  Our network includes investigators, trainees and project staff.

HSPRN researchers develop high quality evidence that is relevant to health system policy development and decision making for performance excellence.  Our research focuses on specific target populations and related health system policy themes